The new year has begun.

That last day of 2017 was quiet a peaceful day in history. Apart from all bad that is happening constantly as running wars, poverty, much too many people homeless in our part of the world, much to many refugees from other parts of the world, an economy that’s killing us with advertising too much stuff we don’t need for some companies profit, apart from that it obviously was a peaceful New Years Eve around the globe.

So there is no distraction this morning from looking at the one thing to do for 2018.

As far as I can see the most important task for the next time is to bring our beliefs as persons and as societies closer to what knowledge we have.

The most astonishing thing to learn in 2017 was to what enormous measure we humans are generally not driven by knowledge but by what we believe in.

Our beliefs are complicated constructs of our minds that are difficult to influence as we all believe with different motivations.

Our beliefs reflect our personal focus on what seems important for us to thrive.

The wicked thing with our beliefs is that we nearly never question them in depth.
The one thing that characterises all our beliefs is that they barely reflect the knowledge mankind has gathered throughout their history on this planet and that we grow exponentially in unbelievable speed on a systematic basis.
So our beliefs often are not up to date.

One example for such an belief ignoring science is that there is no climate change.

Yet that belief has many believers.

Everything those believers in “no climate change” do and decide based on their belief has objectively to be wrong.

And as it’s powerful people clinging to that belief as electors of important leaders on this planet or as those leaders themselves it’s very likely that those wrong decisions may have a huge negative impact.

Therefore for me the thing that needs to be developed is the human belief in what knowledge we have to make better decisions for this planet’s future and our children’s future.

This tweet I saw just a few days ago sums it up beautifully.

So after wishing everybody a blessed New Year I’ll start studying how to do best in spreading scientific informations in a way that we can can build a strong belief on it.
For our children’s and grandchildren’s future on a prosperous planet Earth❗️