That sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

It may appear that I finally give in to the culture of „my country first“ no matter what it costs for others. Or „my profit first“ no matter who gets less then.

It may appear like I’ve come to like Monopoly finally, saying „this is my road and my hotel on it and you, who came into my road by chance, you pay for it until you’ve lost everything!“

No, just NO❗️
That’s NOT my plan.

I think of reframing #MeFirst into a good thing.

There is a lot of opportunities to each and everyone of us throughout each year to do good things, to help others, to inspire others, to organise events, charities. Many of us do it. In very different ways.
Some do it by giving their time to others who need help. Be it young humans or old ones. For quiete some of us that actually is their profession and their job.

Others of us use their creative skills or their organisational skills to bring people together in having happy moments or in collecting money for charities.

All of that happens because someone does a first step and inspires others to join in.
That’s a very powerful thing to do to step into the light with an idea and to ask others to support this idea.

Strangely a good lot of people who do things like that don’t see themselves as powerful humans. Especially to many of us women the thought of having power still feels not comfortable.

I’d like to inspire you, my dear readers, to think about this.

How have you and your ideas, your talents done good during this past year 2017. How have you influenced your private world or even a small or bigger public with something you initiated for the better?
Start small with your considerations.
Have you changed yourself? Have you initiated or supported to change something or or someone in your family or on your job? What about friends, online and offline? Have you even influenced strangers?

Consider two aspects when you think about this.

1. Has the change done good to our planet? Saved some CO2? Prevented our oceans from some being flooded with plastics by using less of it? Think of things like that.

2. Has your idea or your doing improved someone’s life? Donated to some charity with a great cause? Helped some old lady not to be so lonely?

If your answer is „YES“, and it will very likely be „yes“ in nearly everybody’s case, then you are a powerful person with the potential to change this world.

There are only two things left to do then.

First of all you could talk about it. You could say #MeFirst and tell us what you have done good. That may appear a bit strange first but you’ll get used to it. And it will help others to see their power too. And it will help others to use their power too.

Second important thing to do is to go on.
2018 is the next challenge.