…and there still is human life on earth.

Since radioactivity started to decline the number of humans was growing again.
Just a few thousand had survived The Big Blow in 2017.

After they had secured a tiny civilisation at just one place on the planet they called it ‚Safe Space‘.
It was difficult during the first 250 years to keep their number. It was nearly impossible to live past 40 because of all the harm radioactivity still did to them. But then things improved.
Now, nearly 500 years after The Big Blow, they already lived quiete steadily into their 60s again.

They had started traveling just a few years ago. There still were places on earth nobody could go to safely.

Sanna was leading the expedition to Siberia in 2490.

In Siberia Sanna and her team of 20 volunteers found the first servers of the old civilisation that were still working. They stood in a building of thick concrete walls.
During the following years they transported the servers home one by one. But they had no way to get into them.

First they had to rebuild some computers. That took time because they couldn’t simply go to get all recources for it. Some recources were very rare and it took two years to get them all together in the Safe Space.
It took them another year to build the mashines, yet another to learn to communicate with them. They hadn’t needed that knowledge for very long. Today they were grateful that some of the first survivers took the short lifetime left to them after The Big Blow to write down some instructions about something they called ‚Digital World‘.

Sanna and some others were wondering how The Big Blow might have happend. There were no records about that in the few papers the first survivers had left behind.
But as no more big blows happend after that one about 500 years ago, they started to wonder.

They had the theory that The Big Blow had been man made.

Two weeks ago they finally were successful to get their newly built computer connected to the servers. It was autum of 2500 already.

It was amazing what they read. Reports about all the world trading with others.
There had once been 8 billion humans on earth they found.
It took them hours to let that sink in and to get it right. As it meant The Big Blow had killed nearly 8 billion people. That number had been lost in their memory.

But they also found out that just very few of those 8 billion people dominated all the rest of them by possessing nearly all wealth. Sanna found that strange and wondered how that may have happened. She started to feel that it might have been a difficult world to live in for many of those 8 billion people.
Yet it still didn’t explain The Big Blow.

Just yesterday they had found out that the humans of the old times not only traded all across the planet. They also communicated all across the planet. They used a thing called ‚Twitter‘ for that.

On this particular server from siberia they found the communication of just some people documented. It looked to Sanna and her team as if those may have been important leaders of their time.
They had titels as ‚President‘ or ‚Chancellor’ or ‚Prime Minster’.
Strangely, as Sanna found, nearly all of them were male.

‚What were they thinking in that time to give so much power to men only?‘ she thought.

She found some of these laeding men on this ‚Twitter‘ likeable though. She liked them by what they they said. Two Presidents that were, one of France and one of Canada. She tried to locate them on the simple map one of the first survivers had left them, drawn from their memory. A treasure to Sanna now.

Those two Presidents spoke respectfully of one woman at least, Angela Merkel was her name, chancellor of a small country called Germany, not too far away from France.

Sanna also was shocked by the amout of negativity she found in those rare digital records of the Old Time.
There was a guy from Russia trying to install his country as leading nation of the world.
‚How absurd….‘ she thought.
The man was called ‚President‘ too. Sanna was a tiny little bit grateful to him though because those servers she had found had belonged to him.

Then there were reports of one very dangerous guy. He was the despot of his small country and he played with his atomic weapons like it were toys. He seemed to have been a strange person, celebrating himself and forcing all his people to celebrate him too. She saw a picture of him and found he looked quiet unhappy although his name sounded funny somehow. It was ‚Kim‘
Sanna immediately felt that he might have had something to do with The Big Blow.

While Sanna went through the records of another horrible guy called ‚POTUS‘, sometimes just called #45, she finally found what she was looking for. When she read what that man had written on Twitter she knew that this had caused it all.
This man, being the leader of another nation with atomic waepons, had written a message just one month before The Big Blow took place:

Sanna suspected that the two men never became friends…