Nearly two years ago I went to a movie premiere that sadly also was to become it’s last public screening so far.
Urban and the Shed Crew is a great movie, a bit of a documentation about an ugly phenomenon in British as well as many other wealthy societies.
It’s about street children and to what life or death it leads to be one of them.

Lee Kirton was one of those steet children. He became Urban Grimshaw in the book telling the story of his young life after he was lucky to meet his future father by adoption Bernard Hare, called Chop who cared for him.

Yesterday I read in a blogpost about a newspaper article telling that Lee has died.

He must have been around 35 years old. The article in the Yorkshire Evening Post doesn’t say why or from what he died. But it quotes Bernard Hare:

This seems to imply that Lee may have died from his problems with being addicted to drugs.

It made me very sad.

I haven’t known Lee but I have seen him. He was there when the film about his life premiered in Leeds. The local newspaper photograhed him and some other members of his ShedCrew with the young actors who played them in the movie. I photographed them too…

I remember that I found this moment in the cinema remarkable.
This moment just happened because Bernard Hare took responsibility in a very unusual way by changing his own life to be able to change Lee’s life.
By the time he did that it was the most unlikely thing imaginable that such a moment in a cinema could happen about 20 years later.

The evening before this unlikely moment happened Bernard Hare had already pointed out in a Q and A about the movie that even after all those years Lee was struggeling with life. He said that Lee had good times but still also a lot of problems, that he had been marked for lifetime by his childhood.

Now he obviously has lost the fight against his old life snatching him back.

The film has never been shown again since the day this picture was taken.

Maybe and hopefully it will be published one day to make many more people aware of the harsh life street children lead.