…is a pretty secret person. In interviews he explained that he wants it that way because he wants to be respected for what he does.
And he seems to stick to that quiet consequently.
There are nearly never questions in any interviews about any private issues.
It seems not to be about protecting his family. They appear openly as audience now and then.
So it may actually be because of himself.
We need to respect that.
So we can only say things about him as an actor.
I have learned that it is very tempting and also very commom but often very wrong to draw conclusions about a person by interpreting what he does.
Everything we think how the the man behind the actor could be is pure speculation.
The very few hints he gives about himself mostly characterise him as moody, grumpy or anti socialite.
That seems to stand in direct opposition to how he appears to be in interviews. There he always is friendly, polite, often funny, focused and open.
So…what's the truth? Very likely both!

I was amongst the few lucky ladies being able to be in Leeds in November 2015 for the premiere of "Urban and the Shed Crew". There were three screenings. The first two took place in a very small venue that is located in the area where Urban's story happened.
There were only about 60 seats in there. It was a former chapel.
To get in you had to register before. Only those who were on a list were allowed in. So the audience was small and known by name. For the second screening in the evening of that day Richard came together with Candida Brady and Bernard Hare.

It became the only occasion I saw Richard interact with an audience without a security guy with him. There were security guys but they stood far away and didn't intervene. We asked them at the end of the evening about that and they said that the atmosphere had been so calm and respectful that they were not needed. I don't know who decided that but it was lovely.

The other obvious difference to the several Stage Door meetings was that Richard hadn't been on a stage before. He had instead been in a traffic jam. So he arrived late but entirely himself. No John Proctor or Kenneth.

This is what that looked like…

Standing there it looked very differently from the Stage Door experience at the Old Vic. Looking back it looked much more different from the Stage Door in New York.
My interpretation is that this may be a glimpse at #RichardArmitageBehindTheActor.

He then signed a lot of tickets and books and was very patiently having fotos taken with him.

This is what that looked like:

The atmosphere was great there. But it were just a bit more than 50 people. We had waited some time for him to arrive…due to the traffic jam. That had given us time to talk to each other, to bond a bit. So there was no aggression amongst the waiting fans like I witnessed several times at the Stage Doors.

Maybe that helped to create a few very relaxed minutes.

That's what I can share to #RichardArmitageBehindTheActor