We humans are unique and extraordinary beings on our planet earth. 

Some day very long ago our ancestors got ahead of just surviving. The humans became able to populate our space with individuals of their species. 

We humans started to form our surroundings. 

We started to build homes. 

We started to breed our food. 

We started to heal illness activly and we started to explore the miracles of our world.

That has brought us far. It was a very successful strategy for mankind.

But something has changed during the last 50 years. Something that worked for us for thousands of years has turned against us somehow.

We have overcrowded the earth. We have destroyed our environment. We kill other species on a daily basis, mainly by taking their space to live away from them and using it for us.

Some people don't even care about all of that. 

We are good in all of that. So good that we have an advantage over many other species. Many of them have no chance to stand up against us. We take their place, we kill them. Up to today many humans don't even feel bad for that. We humans consider us as superior. We stand above all other beings. 

Long ago we wrote down stories that tell the tale of us humans making the world ours, dominating it. We call the book "holy", we call the power that drives us to do all this our "God". It's our religion. 

During the course of just a few thousand years mankind became successful in populating the earth. We have incredibly many children and become older and older. 

Therefore the human tribes can't live seperated from each other like it was in the early days of mankind. The earth is full with humans. What doesn't keep us from going on to grow our population. 

There are habits, behaviours that we humans haven't changed in the course of time. We tend to live in families. That can be relatives or self chosen groups of people. In those families we derply care for each other. Families are the place to raise our children safely. Therefore we protect our families. We often do that by founding a community. Several, often even many families live close together and support each other. But as even those communities were too vulnerable we humans tend to form states consisting of many communities. The states can fulfill the big tasks. As protecting a piece of land for example. We call that piece of land our country. 

If that piece of land becomes too small for the growing community or doesnt feed it enough the state can start a war with another state to rob their recourses. 

But mankind found out in the course of time, that life is better without war. We favour living in peace much more than having war.

So some counties, that lived especially close to each other on limited grounds started to build up Unities. The United States of America or Great Britain or not even a century ago the European Union. There are more of those Unions on this planet.

The purpose always is, to keep the members of the Union from fighting each other, from being concurrents by being one community. It's a very successful strategy to have peace, to prosper and to live together.

This concept even worked in Europe, a continent that has a history of more war than peace over the ladt centuries. It has always been difficult to live here in Europe. On the one hand it's a very safe place on earth and it's fertile. Even resources as fossil energy was there a lot. On the other hand hand Europe is small. People have to live very close together. States live very close together. That caused endless brutal and bloody wars.

But after the last war some 70 years ago some of the wiser European politicians found, that Europe needs peace. So they did what's best for peace, they founded a Union. 

A union alway means, that the states have to give up some options, as leading wars against each other or making alliances with other states outside the union in order to get an advantage over some other Union member. 

But a Union also offers a lot of advantages to its members. It makes it possible to share wealth, to trade, to be in peace with each other.

That's the success of the European Union as well. It's having peace by accepting some crucial rules.

A bit like it is in a family.