We all see in reports or by being asked to sign a petition like this what running industrialised palm oil producing farms are causing to nature.
Not only that our precious rain forest is burnt down but it also kills the animals living there. Orang Utans for example. Our close relatives. It looks like this.

Nobody wants that. But many people are conflicted because it's terribly difficult to avoid buying products with palm oil as an ingredient.

I have a solution for one of those problematic products…Nutella and Co.
It's nearly impossible to buy a palm oil free variant.

But you can very easily make your own!

And you can make it in a lot of variations.

You can have it:

  • Completely vegan
  • with cream
  • lactose free
  • with all sorts of chocolate from white to nearly black
  • with all sorts of nuts from hazel, almond, walnut to cashews

It's extremely delicious, it's in your own control what you put into your food and it's done in no time.

You need:

  • A bar of fair traided organic chocolate…what sort ever you like…just not with an filling. It works great with vegan chocolate too.
  • 100 ml of organic cream, regular or lactose free or any vegan organic substitute from rice, almond or whatever you like
  • 2 Spoons full of organic ground nuts.
  • 2 Spoons of organic butter, regular or lactose free or an vegan organic substitute (margarine)

You need to melt your chocolate with the cream or substitute on low heat. Then you stir in the nuts. You can also add a spoonful of marmalade if you like…it's delicious.

When it's all melted and stirred smoothly you take it from the heat.
While it cools down for a moment you prepare your glass by washing it very hot and drying it.
Then you stirr in the butter. You can leave it out as well but the cream becomes more creamy if you add it. It's up to your choice…
Then you fill it into your glas and let it cool down.
You can keep it for a week at least.
It will cost you between about 3€ to 4€ a glas according from what ingredients you choose.

The glas in my pic is made from two bars of chocolate…so look for the right size of your glas…

Now you have done several really great things!

  • You have supported fair trade
  • You have supported organic agriculture
  • You have made your own food
  • You have had fun
  • You have taken control over a small thing in your life that always felt out of your control and that you possibly never thought about
  • You have used your power as a consumer to state what you do not want. (That's a very small power though…)

You may feel much better eating your cream than you ever felt eating Nutella!
Isn't that worth trying?