Do you know that too?


Yesterday they looked so delicious but you couldn’t eat them all. And now there is the rest of it not looking so great anymore. 

But you can’t throw them away. We waste much too much food. 

About 30% of all food that’s grown on this planet ends up as waste. That’s definitely too much. 

So…what can you do with half a basket of yesterday’s strawberries?


You simply cook some marmaladeπŸ“β—οΈ

For 250gr of strawberries you take the same amount of gelling sugar, a bit of vanilla or a  spoon full of elder syrup, cook it together for a few minutes…ready!

Some little sticker on a glas…and you look forward to tomorrow’s breakfast.

It just took 15 minutes to make thisπŸ“

I sometimes find these little actions very satisfying. 

Someone has grown these strawberries. Work and some resources went into the production of it. It feels good to value that and not to waste those 30%. 

When the strawberry time is over you have at least a handful glasses of homemade marmalade. Useful as little presents or to eat them yourself.