Two days ago Great Britain held an election again. It was the most disgusting election I witnessed in a democratic western country since I’m taking notice of politics. 

The election was called for by the boss of government for only one purpose. That was to make her stronger by having a bigger majority. She expected this majority not because of her glorious politics but because she thought to have seen a weakness in her political opposition. 

It was a cold calculated action driven by her own interests.

It was not driven by the country’s interest. It was not driven by the people’s interest. 

As we have seen the opposition party remembered it’s strength and turned out to be much more attractive to the people than expected. And the majority of the ruling prime minister now is gone instead of being strengthened. 

And now (not for the first time but again) this prime minister shows her true nature and that of her party.

Before the election she said that if she should loose only six seats to her challenger he would become the next prime minister.

That was not a kind of statement like “I’m saying this so you can measure me by my words”.

No it was a thread to her electors. It meant “If you don’t give me what I want, I may leave you to the terrible fate to be ruled by that guy instead of glorious me”.

And by that logic, never meaning to resign without being forced to it by an absolute majority of the opposition party, she now chooses to not follow her prediction. 

When I see her yesterday and today in interviews I see a deeply desperate woman. She in person destroyed her parties absolute majority with no need to do that at all. I see a woman desperately clinging to a job she had safe for another nearly four years and now has to worry about deeply. 

By all democratic values she has lost the right to rule on. 

In this system of “the winner takes it all” it’s much more difficult for the people to express their wills than it is in Germany for example where we have two voices in elections of parliaments. We choose a candidate directly for our electoral ward with our first voice but with our second voice we choose what party shall represent us in parliament. That gives me a much better option to express myself. So I can elect my local candidate from SPD for example but with my second voice I can vote for CDU for example if I should want the CDU to have the majority to make Angela Merkel Bundeskanzlerin again. And as we all do it this way (it’s very common to vote for different parties with those two voices) this gives a good picture of what the people really want. And it gives the smaller parties as the Green Party or the Liberals the option to be represented in a parliament by about the percentage of people agreeing with their goals and giving them their second voice. We have no lost voices that way by electing smaller parties. I personally feel this represents our political landscape of having several parties much better than this system of majority election with just one voice.

The actual will of the people is much more difficult to read out of this election result in Great Britain. It’s not clear who is a winner or who is the looser. Is it the party with the most voices? Is it the party that gained the most additional voices? Is it the will of the electors to have the party with the most seats rule when the parties with third most seats doesn’t want to rule with them? 

How do democratic values represent themselves in all this? 

This election was often referred to as a tactical election. The goal for many was to avoid giving Theresa May the bigger majority she called for as a means to tell her that her politics are not commonly agreed. 

That has worked brilliantly. Even much better than most people hoped for. Theresa May’s majority is diminished, her absolute majority is gone. She has lost many seats in parliament. She has lost agreement of the people. 

She has lost. It’s very obvious. It becomes especially clear when measured by her own goal of increasing her majority.  She has lost largely. 

Nonetheless she can go to the Queen and come back with the right to form a government.

It’s not “The winner takes it all” but “The looser takes it anyway”.

Memories of the shocking outcome of the last election in the US come to mind.

 My question about all this is, if the electoral systems in these old honorable democracies may be in need of a refurbishment. These systems are old and worked greatly for several centuries. But our world has changed. We embrace our diversity these days and that leads to a landscape of more that two or three parties. We have much more options to discuss these days than “left” or “right”. That aspect is not well represented by these systems.

So what made democracy strong formerly may make it weaker today. 

We need strong democracies these days in which all people can express their opinions and political choices. We need everybody to take part and to identify with his/her democratic voice. As we have a world to save.

Would it look right to me now if Jeremy Corbyn would form and lead a government?

I’m not entirely sure. 

It would feel much more right though than Theresa May doing the job. 

If Corbyn would be able to form a proper coalition with other parties with a good safe majority I’d think that would be the best way. 

If not I guess the next elections loom around the corner soon in GB. Quiet the opposite of  a stable and strong political system to lead the country into a great future.