Now the presidency of Donald Trump is two weeks old. During this two weeks he layed ground for several potential wars with foreign countries. And he started one actual war.

He is in war with his own country. It’s called ‘The President and his entourage against the rest of the country’.

That’s a very serious thing. I see a lot of people wondering, why the hell this guy isn’t chased out of his office by now. Astonishing indeed regarding the terrible and bad things he already managed to do during his first two weeks. 

But then again, he is the sworn in President of the US, a country with more than 300 million citizens, with a political, economic and military weight in the world. The President of the US is always regarded to be one of the mightiest and most powerful persons on this planet.

He doesn’t have this power thanks to his personality but thanks to the institution of being POTUS. With a reasonable person filling this position, it makes a lot of sense to protect the role of the POTUS with competences and by actually guarding him safe by police, Army, Intelligence Agency, Government, Parliament.

But now these organs of the American state have to safeguard a person, that harms his country in a way that nobody imagined before. They have to safeguard a person, that is unfit like hell for his job. They have to safeguard a person that abuses the competences his position gives him. 

So this is a conflict, we have seen uncounted times on this earth. 

Abuse of authority. That’s what Trump does. Many dictators installed themselves that way. 

That kind of abuse takes place a million times daily. Patents abuse their authority against their children. Teachers abuse their authority against their students. Bosses abuse their authority against employees. And so on. 

Although authority (and connected with it hierarchy) offers so much space for abuse, we often regard it as a necessary means to organise a state, a business, even a family.

And here we are. 

A president in one of the strongest and biggest democracies on this planet is abusing his authority openly and he is even showing off with it. 

The majority of people of his nation is hugely shocked but unable to kick him out of this job. Paralysed they look at the few institutions that were invented to control the president. The democratic organs of the state, where this  president’s party does hold a majority isn’t able to hold against him as long as his own party is standing behind him. Some independent judges at court, that can only judge the case, that is brought to them. Single laws or decisions. They have no chance to oppose this president in a way, that would get him out of his office. 

This is ‘The President and his entourage against the rest of the country’. And he is winning. At least until he will commit an actual crime, that is bad enough to imprison him.

This is not a very hopeful or optimistic outlook at the nearer future. 

Donald Trump will go on inviting terrorism to target the US by showing the terrorists, what he regards as strength and what in reality only is showing the fear, these terrorists want us to show.

He will go on doing his best to contribute to climate change by denying it and promoting the use of fossil energy.

He will go on with destroying his proud nation by causing any kind of war, with the countries neighbors, with countries far away or (and) by splitting his people up every day a bit more. I even read about the fear of an upcoming civil war.

Whatever may happen now, I hope this guy will not destroy us all by using his nuclear weapons. 

And I have seen first people thinking very practically about what may happen, when Trump is done. He will leave the US another country than he took over. 

It’s a huge chance lying in this. The country can mow start to reinvent itself. It’s society, it’s economy. The connection between both. We know a lot about that these days and there are ideas in the air, how to organise the society of the future. The society in that our children and grandchildren can live in peace and in that they can prosper.

This makes me very hopeful and positive for the future.

If only we survive the present.