A few days ago I posted a text on my blog about how 2016 was for me.

It contained some sentences about Brexit and about democracy.

I received a comment from a reader, that the British people voted Brexit because democracy is so precious to them, that they are willing to take the high costs. They find, in the EU is no democracy and so they dont want no more EU laws.

I was pretty shocked about that.

Great Britain entered the EU just about 40 years ago. EU has grown since, but there was no monarchy or dictatorship installed. Instead all citizens of EU went regularly to elections and voted for a European parlament. Maybe most of the British citizens didn’t go to elections? Maybe because it seemed so far away and of little interest to them. But they had the right and the option to elect. 

European Parliament may not rise phantasies of a quick acting and very flexible politial organ. But it is a democratically elected parliament, that holds an important role in the process of lawgiving. 

Yes, European laws go through a parliamentary process as it should be in a democracy.

I didn’t find a very simple grahics showing this process in English but maybe this makes it clear nonetheless. It leaves no doubt, that European Parliament playes an important role in the legislative process.

How is it possible, that there are citizens of this European Union, who obviously have no idea of this? 

Why did those people not google that, before voting Brexit?

The answer is disappointingly simple. 

People trusted in those politicians, who told them, there were about 350.000£ to save each week to be invested into NHS. They also talked of no democracy in EU.

People trust other people more than facts these days. 

We are post-truth now.