I found some advice today on my Twitter about meeting heroes.

It says ‘never do’,  you will be deeply disappointed and maybe you will loose your faith in your hero or even loose respect for her or him.

That’s very true. It’s good advice. 

But it has two more aspects.

The first is the question, why do we have so many heroes in our world, that looking closer are no heroes? It looks as if we have a huge need for heroes. And those ‘real’ heroes, the classical ones, that never and under none circumstances stop being heroes are not enough these days.

We seem to lack a common understanding of what heroes are. We start admiring people for our own reasons. Sometimes just because they seem unbearably beautiful to us. Mostly we know just very little about our heroes. That’s differently with the classic heroes. We know a lot about them, their thoughts, their motivations, their deeds. 

But it’s of course uncool today, to say ‘I admire…’ let’s say Hildegard von Bingen.

She is not from our time, it might appear even not from our world. 

I think, that’s one of the points that’s different in our time compared to former times, before the WWs happened and things started developing so fast, that you nearly can’t keep up with all new and hip things.

This world is very fast and it’s very big by being very diverse. 

Too fast and too diverse.

Maybe that’s why our need for heroes is so big. We often feel lost in this world. We look for people, who seem to get along better. We try to find inspiration and help in their way of doing things. The heroes of former ages don’t help in this. It has to be people from our time. Living people.

Living people always are in the risk of making mistakes, of changing their opinion, to be different in real life from the public image they have. 

That’s why meeting our real life heroes is risky. Therefore it’s good advice, not to meet them. 

The other point is, that those people, who find a lot of admiration, are humans. Like you and me. They stay humans. It’s just the admirers, who see them in a different light. 

Many of those people don’t want to be seen as heroes. They know, that they are none. 

A lot of our heroes will be very uncomfortable with all this admiration they get.

 If we’re honest, we all feel uncomfortable, when someone processes his or her view of us on us. That happens now and then in our relationships. Most of us will know, how that feels. 

Just imagine, that it’s not only happening to you by that colleague or classmate. Imagine thousands of unknown people do that to you. Most of us would run from that imagination and even more from situations where you meet those people. 

Our heroes also very often run from that. But they gain their money with being public. So they now and then have to meet their admirers. Usually accompanied by security guys. 

Those situations are very unnatural. The person being in it is unable to see, who of those standing there just came to honour him or her and who are those, meeting their hero. Everything stands against any normal human interaction. Nonetheless some hope for it. And are disappointed afterwards.

So, there are a lot of reasons, never to go to stage doors or red carpets, when you know, that a person is important to you as what YOU see him or her.