I’m watching Brexit from Germany. That feels like watching a natural disaster from a safe place.

I’ve learned in between, that Out-Campaign runners, who are experienced politicians (what in this case is not a quality label) basically have no plan for the case, their campaign succeeds.

They are not prepared to take over political responsibility. They have no plan in their drawer, about what to negotiate with EU, with their allies. Not what to do first, what to do then. No plan how to deal with economic developments. They don’t even have any idea, what to do at all. They seem to play for time now. 

It’s absurd. Have all those Brexit voters never asked?  Have they simply believed, that all money, GB pays to EU from tomorrow on will be pumped into NHS?

To me it looks, as if those voters fell victim to cheap propaganda. Like ‘You feel bad about many things in your country? Vote OUT and thinges will be better the very next day!’

I can’t imagine though, that grown up people, running one of the biggest economies in Europe are that naive.

The fact that obviously a good part of those, who voted out, deeply regret their vote now, because they never wanted to get out of EU, makes me think, that it may indeed not mainly have been naivety, that led to this disaster. 

But what was it then?

That’s a thing to find out during the next days. 

At the moment it looks like, completely unintendedly, some issues, that currently dominate the public discussion in GB cumulated in the ‘out’ votes of this referendum. Maybe some people really wish to step out. But mostly they seem to have had the wish, to protest. Against too many things, to sum them up here. 

Great Britain really has problem now. 

EU urges them to start the exit process immediately. That’s understandable, as this vote brings huge uncertainties to an organisation, that lives from stability. 

Decent political leaders are out of sight. All of those playing roles currently have gambled, in the one or the other way. 

Society is deeply split. It was before the referendum and has got worse now, opener at least.

UK is in a real risk to break apart. 

All together this is a very explosive crisis. I was unable to imagine such, happening to an European country this way, before yesterday. But now it’s reality.

Time to wake up. 

Time to put all distractions aside. 

Time to concentrate on people’s needs instead of selling them one more reality TV show or more cheap shirts at Primark.

But it can be chance too.

GB may become the first European country now, to ask themselves, what kind of country, society, economy, environment they want to live in. They may be the first country, to define society new. 

That process is necessary. In all countries, it’s necessary in EU as well. 

If GB manages to react wisely, with respect towards all parts of their community, really open to the needs of this and the next decades, not looking back too much, then this may be the biggest chance any European country may get at this moment of time.

Today the future is open. I hope, GB will be able to take that challenge instead of bringing chaos to all of Europe.