Here it is.

The first official trailer for the ‘Urban and the Shed Crew’ movie.

The movie tells the story of Urban Grimshaw, born into the Great Britain society of the 1980s. 

It was a hard time to grow up with a mother nearly unable to look after herself, not to talk about her several children. Public care wasn’t much better.

But Urban met the one person, that is needed, to change a child’s life for the better, he met Chop. 

Chop, a man, disappointed from society, not very successful in finding a place for himself in business life. A man drinking a lot, taking some drugs, the edge to addiction never far away. A man who never forgot the values he learned in his childhood during the 1960s that were not the main values of his country when he was grown up.

Chops real name is Bernhard Hare. He wrote down, how life went for him and for Urban after they met.

It’s a rough story about a side of our societies, we mostly will not see. We just see, what living such a life can lead to. Crime and Drugs and as a consequence the prison is what expects the protagonists of such stories. 

But Urban and Chop were lucky. They became family for each other. They were reason to each other to change their lives. 

In the trailer we just see glimpses of the story. But it gives an impression of the mood Bernard Hare describes in his book. There was a lot of anger, many tears but laughter as well. 

And the end of the story is amazing!