Guylty Pleasure

If there is one compliment I would like to pay Richard Armitage, then it is this one: His performances are such that I would like to watch them over and over again. It doesn’t matter much who or what he is playing. His name – well, his presence – alone is guarantee that a character is portrayed as a multi-layered, complex personality who will engage and touch the viewer. Luckily Richard’s way of adding depth to his characters coincides with a stage in his career where he is not playing mere side-characters anymore. Otherwise his considerable acting talent would be wasted on a minor role – or, worse, throw a dramatic piece off-kilter because Richard is inadvertently imbuing his roles with too much complex emotional depth… because boy, he’s wreaking havoc with my emotions.

Screenshot 2015-08-14 09.48.29 OUCH! That went straight into my feelz, Richard! That look needs a license!

Screenshot 2015-08-14 09.44.16 A stare to…

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