I have a piano and an iPhone. Both I do not use and so I thought it to be a good idea to search for new users. 

Thought. Done. I offered both things on an online platform I have in the past often used to sell things.

The piano was of no interst at all, although it really is a good piano.

But the iPhone found attention immediately. Several people sent me emails. 

None of them was written in proper German. The formality of adressing me was left out by all of them.

They all asked for my PayPal account data and declared to send me the money first and to send their nephew or son afterwards to collect the phone.

This is a very common way to betray nowadays. I read about it in a newspaper a few weeks ago. And told my mum, who was warning me about it, that I never had such expieriences in the past.

The point is, that paying with PayPal without an underwirtten contract and a copy of the persons passport you have no proof, that the person you give the phone to later is in any relation with the person who paid. That person reclaims to never have gotten the phone and requires his money back. And as you can’t proof the opposite, you have to give it back. And then the phone is gone and the money as well.

Thats fraud of course. But no police is able to do anything against it. The risk, to be found and proofed the fraud is so very little, that it’s very attractive to try that without any precautions. Exept never telling their names of course. But that is easy, as everybody can act online with avartars nowadays.

Having learned that, I deletes my offer and decided to sell on eBay.

With the result, that beneath the normal offers in the auction I again received offers from several people, who asked me to sell the phone directly to them, again asking for my data. I was very angry about that and reported those people to eBay.

Very similar happened, when I offered my piano on another platform especially created for selling pianos. The method is a bit different here.

Here you are offered to be payed with a cheque. The amount of money offered is much higher than the worth of your piano. Then you are asked to pay the rest of the money to a firm who pretends to transport the piano later.

The cheque is a fraud too of course. And you will never see your money again.

A day after I received the first of those offers I was warned by the runner of the plaform.

This expirience led me to a piano builder in my neighbor town. He restores pianos. He will not pay me a lot for my piano, as he has to invest a lot to get it sold afterwards. But he is a real person and I can decide wether to trust him or not.

Now, I’m an expierienced woman in business well informed and I didn’t fall victim to those methods. Not this time.

But a lot of people do. Obviously.

My lesson learned is, that mankind again invented something, that got out of control completely. Cyber world has so many really good and precious sides and effects. But we can’t control it. And out of control some humans always feel invited to abuse things. And people. Cyber world makes it easy for them.