A few weeks ago I saw the first episode of series 3 of Hannibal. I was surprised and got on watching it.

Now the 10th episode is ahead, more than the half of the show is done.

The storyline I was waiting for has started…The Red Dragon.

And suddenly the whole show has another dimension. A realistic one. 

The first seven episodes I spent very fascinated about the beauty of pictures and the perfection that is possible to achieve on screen.

But the story left me astonishingly cold. It was so terribly unrealistic. 

Epic and told in a way I really love. I love slow stories with many details. I know, that that doesn’t count for many people. But for me not even the Hobbit Movies were too long. I love to see, that detais are thought through. Perhaps something that has to do with my profession. Architects sometimes are very much into details. 

Sadly in this show those beautiful pictures appeared to me as an end in itself. It’s really great, how the switches between the real world an the mindpalaces of the protagonist are made. But it’s always just a status. There is no development in the characters. They just do the same. All the time. Everybody is captured in his or her own story. 

It’s somehow very sad and horrifying, how they are all unable to go ahead. The message I found in this is, that once in contact with a disturbed person like Hannibal, you will never have the chance to get out of the horror except by getting killed.

That is a terrible message. It may be difficult, especially when the persons are as disturbed, as all the characters are. But in this story they do not even seriously try. Instead they get stuck in a kind of phantasy, they could change the other one. Or at least control him.

That’s by the way the realistic part of the story. Many very terrible relationships between people base on that thought, it might give a chance to change an opressor or to control him. And that pattern isn’t only to be found in private relationships. We find that everywhere. Even between the leaders of states. And it practically always fails.

Back to Hannibal…for me the whole plot has not been a story, but the very detailed description of an horrific state. With no message and no development. Thats why it couldn’t grip me. 

That is over now. 

Now The Red Dragon appeared. A new element. After Hannibal has been caught and locked away safely the show could have ended. But the makers decided to do something else. I really wished they had done it in the second episode. 

Now the story has turned from completely unrealistic to very realistic. And it has begun to be a story. It’s strange and I start to understand, why such can horrify TV program makers. 

Suddenly there is a real character in the show. Someone who isn’t just playing a pattern he can’t get out of.  Someone with a past, a present and a future he his trying to control activly. Francis Dolarhyde is a real person. One I can feel pity for, that he had that terrible fate of being abused in several ways as a child. Someone who had no chance of getting himself under control as a child and a young grown up person. But now he tries. Wrong way of course, but he tries. He allows himself to make new expieriences. The horrible ones with killing families and the deeply human ones with allowing himself to seek for love.

I can’t wait for the next episode. It’s exciting. Now that brilliant way of telling the story in pictures has a sense. It supports me with developing empathy with Francis. The symbiosis between Bryan Fuller’s extraordinary talent and Richard Armitage’s extraordinary talent is heartbreaking.

As far as I can say after two episodes it was a great idea for Richard Armitage to take up that role. I can imagine, that this is surely difficult to play. Up to now, he’s done that in such a careful and open way, that I can’t see Richard Armitage playing Francis Dolarhyde. I see Francis Dolarhyde on screen. Richard Armitage has taken himself back completely. That makes it possible to play Francis without judging him and without taking a position to his values and his actions, his behaviours. Five stars for that form me! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’m very curios, how I will feel at the end of the show. Four more episodes are to come…they will definitely get me in front of my TV.