The much awaited debut of Richard Armitage as “The Great Red Dragon” in Hannibal happened on Saturday night and it was outstanding. But we already knew it would be.

Showrunner Bryan Fuller and executive producer Martha De Laurentii have been singing Armitage’s praises on Twitter and at the San Diego Comic Con. Fuller even went as far as saying he and his editing team had been brought to tears as they watched the British actor’s footage of his portrayal of the serial killer Francis Dolarhyde, a.k.a The Red Dragon/The Tooth Fairy.

Francis Dolarhyde is a disturbed man, who has a cleft palate, and was abandoned by his mother after his birth because she was too disgusted by his deformity. The serial killer has murdered entire families, the aftermath of which we witness when Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) visits one of the homes. Bloody doesn’t even begin to describe what he…

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