There is an American horror show. The kind of one, that gets shown in German TV after midnight. To be sure, that just some very few people look at it deliberately.

Several reasons for me to stay away from it. I don’t like horror films. And when they are shown that late…sounds like nothing for me.

Then the news spread, that Richard Armitage was about to join the show.

My first thought was, that he might have been poisoned with some kind of drug to make him sign a contract. He appeared so reasonable last summer in London.

But already my second thought was, that he may still be reasonable and my imagination about that show may be wrong.

Very carefully I dared to look at the very first episode of the first series. And I was surprised. It is horror of course. But not as bloody as I had expected.

Nevertheless I decided, not to look at the first two series in retrospect.

Yesterday now was the day with the first opportunity to look at the first part of the new third series.

It was very surprising for me and I really found it brilliant.

I have seldom before seen a TV show consisting of such beautiful pictures. The makers of that show seem to find beauty in nearly everything. Even in the way a drop of blood falls down.

A feast for the senses indeed. The music supporting the pictures was great. It’s like a moving painting with soundtrack. It left me fascinated.

But! The story is a very violent and crude one. A psychopath eating humans. He even feeds someone he plannes to eat with special food, to make him taste better…who creates such characters? An ill mind?

I have no idea, haven’t read any of the novels being the basis for the films.

One thing that makes the whole thing agreeable for me is, that despite all this beauty in the pictures I still felt like looking at the plot from outside. There is no identification with the character of Hannibal. He is not glorified. Neither dammed. It is a bit like telling his story without rating it. It allowed me to be shocked about Hannibal killing a man but to still be able to look at it. The killing itself wasn’t shown but represented by a noise. You really need most of your senses for the show.

So, I will go on watching the show. I guess, I’m a Fannibal now…

And I’m convinced, that Richard Armitage didn’t need drugs to decide to join the show. I am very curious about his Francis Dolarhyde now.