The European Union has more than 500 million inhabitants. About half of them are female. If just 10 percent of these 250 million women,  what would be 25 million women, had one more child than usual during the nex years, the European Union had 25 million more inhabitants. That would mostly be regarded as very good, as a lot of our societies are too old and much too less reproductive. We sometimes even talk about extinction, if that trend doesn’t change.

So EU would be happy to have 25 million new inhabitants.

EU could gain some of those desired inhabitants in another way. By letting the African refugees in. At the moment the EU tries to keep them out strictly. Even if they loose their lives. We are shocked when 1000 humans die in one week, but I heared no politician suggest to let them come legally in spite of letting them die in their terrible little ships. Instead they talk about protecting our frontiers, about deterring the African people from coming to Europe, about helping them in their own countries, not knowing how to do that.

I don’t know, how many refugees really want to get into the EU. And even if it were 25 million people during the next years, we could easily share our wealth and our space with them.

We would share all this with our own children as well if we had them.

This thought is similarly stated in the following German text as well. It seems, that very very carefully some European people start daring to  think about it.