Would you, yes you, my dear reader!  please make a revolution with me?

You are not sure?

Well, I think we should.
Because the earth with our world needs to be saved!
We got to stop global warming!

You agree?

But that thing is too big, you say?

Yes, it is big.
And it needs to be done!

Mmmhhh, you mean, there are already others on their way to save the world?
Great leaders, like the American President or the Bundeskanzlerin.
And of course not to forget big organizations like UN or Greenpeace.

You don’t see there anything to do for you?

But all of them fail up to now. Nobody found the way to stop the global warming.
There are ideas. Many ideas.
And many countries already do something. But each country just works for itself.
That’s no wonder of course, because the leaders of our countries are smart, intelligent and great people. And they know, what is written in their working contracts.
They have to serve their country and their people. They even have to swear, to do so. They do not swear to serve the people in Africa, not even those in their neighbor country.

Now, the problem with the global warming is, that it sadly doesn’t fit into any of those contracts. This crazy global warming is just everywhere. Even there, where the leaders of the countries have no proper contract. You know what I mean? Those dictators, that simply don’t extinct in the world. Once you knocked out one, immediately somewhere else a new one rises.

Yes and you know the life of such a dictator can be hard. They have everybody against them. They have to struggle hard, not to loose their jobs, sometimes they have to use the most ugly means to avoid that. And it’s clear, they have no time and no money to fight global warming at the same time. That’s obvious, isn’t it?

So, you see, the democratic elected leaders of the worlds’ countries can’t fight global warming, because their working contracts don’t allow them, the dictators can’t because they don’t have the time and the means…so, what possibilities are there left?

Right, we need to fight.

But you still can’t see, how to do that?

Then I know something for you.
Read a book…the one at the top of this page. If you just get half through it, you will perhaps no longer doubt, that it is possible to make a revolution. The two of us, we can.  And a few more. And perhaps our followers on Twitter and our friends on Facebook…that’s quite a number at least…


Let’s talk about that again, when you read the book, ok?