Today it’s the international day for all women. My woman’s day on a Sunday in Germany is about sitting in the garden, enjoying the sunshine and planning what to cook for the family today. A lot of other women will have a similar comfortable day today. Some even may have the feeling, being so well, that they wonder, if there is anything more to do for feminists and women’s rights activists. Heard some ladies talk about that on the TV a few days ago.

But our topics in the free western world are luxury problems for a lot of women in Africa, Asia, Arabia and even in the poorer regions of Europe.

Therefore I would like to draw some attention to that on this lovely spring Sunday.

There are so many women and men fighting for women and against violence, I can’t mention them all. They all deserve our respect and support.

As an example for that I choose a project I became aware of on Twitter. It’s

This project is about help for women, who suffered from war in their country, had to flee their homes, saw violence, witnessed violence and can’t simply go on with their lives.

Perhaps the one or the other of you considers to follow them on Twitter, to donate to them and simply take notice of them…

And with not laying back on what we already achieved, but staying aware, that fighting for women’s rights in all it’s very different forms can be existential for some other woman somewhere in the world, I feel quite good with my cup of coffee in my garden…