A new year is about to begin. Suddenly and unexpected…the current year isn’t supposed to be finished by now. It ran by too quickly. As always.
Ever since my childhood ended, each and every year ran quicker and quicker. And when I ask other people about that phenomenon they always tell me, they feel it similar. And everybody is uncomfortable with that. A year should be longer.
Or is it perhaps the other way round? Perhaps we simply want to do too much during a year?
Who doesn’t have plans for the following year? So many things, that need to be done…work, the house needs new paint, the garden would be greater with a pond. Travels, all those places in the world I haven’t been to yet…at least just a few of them should be on my list for the new year. And the job of course, a new one would be fine, a nicer boss, more money, better projects, something of that has nearly everybody on his or her mind. And if someone has no job, perhaps it’s the feeling, that this year has to be the one to find a job.
I know practically nobody, who is simply content with what he or she has. Although a lot of people could be content with what they achieved so far…me included.
But I am not. I still want more. I wonder if that is a human feature, to think and to feel that way, is it born to us? Or is it just a thing connected to the time we live in.
Our economy is still mainly based on the principle of growth. Although we know for nearly half a century, that this principle doesn’t work any longer. No, it’s even worse…this principle is responsible for a lot of bad developments in our world. Things are produced, that are not only unnecessary but bad for our environment. Bottles of plastic for example. But once an industry is invented to produce such, it’s nearly impossible to make that vanish again. Even, when there is absolutely no doubt about the consequences. There are people relaying on this industry, they would loose their jobs, if the production stopped. Most of them will not agree, that such bad thing has to stop. And there is money to be gained, as long as people don’t care about the consequences, just find it more comfortable to carry light plastic bottles instead of heavy glass bottles.
And I think, that’s the point, where the principle of growth comes from being an economic principle to being a private principle.
A lot of people I know, would accept, to go a step back in issues of comfort for example…if they had the feeling, that they were not the only ones to do so. Because doing so is regarded as loosing in the world of growth. It always has to go forwards, never backwards.
That’s why we always have projects to go further.
So perhaps we simply need a new view on what is regarded to be a step backwards. Perhaps exactly this step backwards would be a step forwards for the future of our world. If everybody saved a little bit of energy, if everybody would reduce the use of plastic about half the amount, that would together be a lot.
But to see it this way it’s necessary, to find like-minded people.
And that’s what I’m looking for. I’m searching people, who are willing to take some efforts to make this world a good place for our children.
I look for people, who don’t regard me as a fool, just because I’m a convinced user of public transport. I’m searching for people, who don’t give me the feeling, to be a fool, just because I haven’t been to an all inclusive holiday in Egypt although I could effort that.
I’m looking for people who agree with me, that having less and doing less is perhaps in the end more.
And I plan to live by those principles a bit more resolutely next year.
I hope, I will be able to resist some things, I could do, just because I have the means. I hope I will find the energy, to convince my friend to use the train, when going to a weekend trip instead of the car. Just an example…
And I hope, by doing a bit less and think a bit more about things, time will perhaps not move so fast. I will hopefully be a bit more in the now and here and not always busy, just planning the future.
We will see…