Dear Richard,
I enjoyed your iChat with TAC very much.

There just is one thing…I’m German…and I wonder a bit, what your picture of our country may be (I apologise for being curious), because…

…WE do NOT have free WiFi everywhere! 🙂 And, unbelievable but true, it’s even worse…there are regions in this country, where we do not have quick internet available at all. And you can’t use your mobile phone because there simply is no net. I have been to such places…and there are people living there!
That’s of course just ‘behind the mountain’ as we call it here, what is not to be mixed up with ‘under the mountain’…we had a lot of ‘under the mountain’ in Germany as well in former times, but that’s another topic…

I’m really glad to be able to say, that we do have running water in practically each house…even where there is no proper internet…so in that point we luckily are at eye level with New Zealand. 😊

This gives me hope, that we can still regard ourselves as cultivated people, what is important, as we usually see ourselves as people of poets and philosophers. Just think about Schiller and Goethe…by the way about Goethe…I could imagine you to be great as Mephisto on a stage! I’m a fan of Faust…and don’t mind about the german language, some of us understand foreign languages, we would translate for those, who live behind the mountain. 😜

And just in case you should consider to visit any other place in Germany than Berlin, I’m sure we could surprise you with some cultural highlights…and I’m sure some of your fans would make you very welcome.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from Germany! 🎄

Yours sincerely