congratulations to you for that great speech in front of the UN.
It makes me proud to see a young woman stand up and stand in for something very important. And doing it in such a good way.
I see a lot of men posting on twitter to declare their support for that campaign called #HeForShe. That means, you reached them!

This campaign made me think of my attitude towards feminism and “women support”, as we call it in my working world.
I have always considered it as an important aim, to reach for the equal participation of women and men in all parts of business world.
And I am lucky, I am working as a leader for about 15 years now.
And I am sure, that’s not only because I am talented in leading people. That’s very much as well because I had support.

I had support of women. We in Germany always have a woman in all government departments, whose task it is, so watch over the equal treatment of men and women. And always with the view, that men support men and women have to look for themselves. These official “women supporters” were without any question very helpful to me. Every time I reached for a new job, I knew, my chances were the same as they were for my male competitors.

But in doing my job every day, leading mostly male units, I needed the support of my male colleagues.
And I really had a lot of that. There is and was so much of #HeForShe in my working life.
I think especially of one of my bosses. He relied on me, when I was very young, without much experience. But he had confidence in me and that gave me so much support. He is already retired now and I don’t think, he will ever read this. But for me is a great example for what this campaign #HeForShe is about. We just didn’t have that word for it years ago.

So I think, we all should look out for men doing #HeForShe, perhaps without being aware of it. Let’s make them aware of the important thing they do, make them see that, make them doing that with pride and make them good examples for those, who still do not join that attitude….and I of course have met a lot of those as well!

Yours sincerely
Dorothea Blümer